Best Tractor

9-Series Ready Made

-- What is this?

This is a stock of Best Tractors prepared for some common turntable and tonearm combinations. They are all immediately available and hence users can get them in a much quicker time. We ship the package Three Working Days from the day we have received payment from the user.

-- Are they tailor-made?


Each of them is meant for a particular setup.

Each bears a unique serial number and the turntable tonearm details for identification.
The only difference is it will not bear your username.



Basis Vector   Basis
Bergmann Linear Tonearm   Bergmann
Graham 9-inch   Basis / TW Acustic
Graham 10-inch   Basis / Galibier / TW Acustic

all models
Origin Live Tonearm

all 9-inch models
Origin Live
Project Debut Stock Arm Project
Project Essential Stock Arm
Project 9cc
Project 10cc
Project 12cc

all models
Talea   Galibier

all SL Models
Technics SL
Triplanar Basis / Galibier / Garrard / TW   Acustic
VPI JMW10.5i   VPI
VPI JMW10.5iSE   VPI Classic
VPI Traveler Stock Arm
  VPI Traveler
VPI 3D tonearm
  VPI Prime / VPI Classic
VPI 3D tonearm 12-inch
  VPI Prime / VPI Classic

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Turntable Tonearm User Comment   Turntable Tonearm User Comment

Basis Turntables


[fits 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 and Phantom]

  Basis Turntables

Basis Vector

Basis Turntables Graham Phantom Long Version 10-inch     Bergmann Turntable Bergmann Tonearms [all Models]

Galibier Design Turntables

Triplanar   Galibier Design Turntables


[fits 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 and Phantom]


Galibier Design Turntables

Talea Durand Tonearms   Garrard Turntables Triplanar
Linn Turntables Akito / Basik Ekoks / Ittok LVV   Origin Live Turntables [all Models] Origin Live Tonearms [all 9" Models]

Project Turntables

Debut / Essential stock arm      Project Turntables [all Models] 9cc
Project Turntables 10cc     Project Turntables 12cc  

Rega Turntables

Rega Tonearm [all models]


TW Acustic Raven


[fits 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 and phantom]

    TW Acustic Raven Graham Phantom Long Version 10-inch
TW Acustic Raven Triplanar    


All SL Models

Stock Arm

Stock Arm

  VPI Turntables

JMW 9-inch

[ fits JMW-9 signature]

VPI Turntables

JMW10.5i   VPI Classic JMW10.5i SE


USD130.00, price includes:
  • the Tractor
  • a 10-page fully illustrated User Manual with colour photos
  • one 3x Magnifier Glass
  • registered airmail shipping worldwide



A. Peak Lupe

Best Tractor has to work with a 8X or above magnifier and we can provide a "Peak Lupe 10X No.1961". The additional cost is USD13.00

Read for more information

B. Speed Post Delivery

Users may opt for a speedy delivery to their doorstep.
Read for more information

Payments can be made via the following:

1. Paypal -
  2. Western Union -
Upon receiving an order request we shall raise an itemized Paypal Invoice for the buyer to settle.   We shall email you to confirm your order and the fund transfer arrangement.

Note: Cheques received would be treated as payment only after they have been honoured.

Three (3) working days from the date of receiving payment we ship out the Tractor by Registered Airmail. This is a guarantee. The buyer can track the parcel delivery status via internet using an identification number we provide him by email.


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