Peak Lupe

COST of Peak Lupe

Best Tractor uses a fine line for alignment to improve accuracy. An 8X or above magnifier must be used to ascertain the stylus tip is spot on.

I have tried a 5X eye peice. When this device shows you are correct, the Peak Lupe tells you are simply way off.

Magnifying power plays a critical role.

  Peak Lupe may not be the perfect tool for the job. For instance when the cartridge has a very low body you may have problem to locate the stylus tip sideways.

However it should definitely help in ascertaining the stylus tip is spot on the sight line for determining if perfect alignment is attained.

To facilitate my users to take up this option, I sell Peak Lupe at the cost I get it and mail it free-of-charge.

If you have a better lupe at your end, you need not take this option.


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