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Victoria, Australia

Ian uses a Basis Debut with Basis Vector 4 tonearm.

Hear his comments:

" Upon receiving your Best Tractor I was immediately pleased with the quality of the unit (the personalised inscription is nice touch) and 
even more pleased with the excellent instructions which accompanied  it.  They made the set up very straight forward, if still time consuming.  On the issue of time, if absolute accuracy is to be achieved I can see no way round taking a good deal of time with the  set up.  My before and after listening tests bear testimony to the benefit of patience. 

  Before I tell you about the my thoughts on the  effects of using the Best Tractor I must tell you that I thought I  had my cartridge set up correctly and it took a good deal of time and very detailed measurements to ensure that all was as I thought it should be when I first set up the Orpheus in my Vector 4.

As it  turned out the difference in my set up compared with the arc traced on the Best Tractor was around a 1mm from the outside point on the arc to the inside point.  Not much I thought but oh what a difference that 1mm makes!

I simply could not believe the transformation which came over the music once I had the Orpheus precisely on the arc and the cantilever precisely aligned. 

I was analogous to a major component upgrade:

Instruments were better defined in the sound stage, with a greater sense of three dimensionality. Voices in particular had more body and were more realistically portrayed.  Performances seemed both more relaxed in presentation but also much more detailed with small nuances I had never heard suddenly coming to the fore. 

In short everything was more natural, more real.

This may seem like hyperbole but it is what I heard and continue to hear with every well known album I play. It is as if I never really heard them before as they were meant to be heard. 

I most certainly had not heard all that the Orpheus was capable of. Amazing stuff and such a comparatively easy and inexpensive result to achieve.

Many thanks for making the remarkable product available at such a reasonable price.  Without any doubt it is the best $90 I have ever spent on my passion of audio.  I will be heartily recommending it to all my analogue friends."



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