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from Arizona, USA

Stanley owns a VPI Superscoutmaster with 10.5i arm and Benz-Micro Ebony LP cartridge.

His story:

"Hi ...I just thought you'd like to know how things turned out. 

"I used the VPI jig to originally set up the cartridge.  I was scrupulous to get it as right as I could.

 "When I checked it with your tool, I found that when the stylus was on the line at the farthest point, it was about 1/2 mm off at the spindle. 

"I went through the procedure, adjusted the cartridge and am astounded at how much better the table sounds now. 

Even though the cartridge was off so little, the difference for the better is much improved. 

Thanks for being there for us audiophiles"


Stanley's Listening Room with a view of his garden:




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