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from USA

Dan fits a Triplanar on his Garrard 301,

His comments:

"I’m happy to report that everything went well with my alignment this weekend. I had to remove the TT from the plinth, re-drill the mounting holes a little bigger so I could move everything over toward the pivot to get my 233.5mm mounting distance correct.

Once I did that everything else went pretty smooth.

"I’m enjoying the sound very much.

The improvements can only be fully appreciated as I continue to listen to a wide range of recordings. In general I would have to agree with your other customers. The thing that really impresses me is how the soundstage has a relaxed quality about it.

"Music flows as it should with a new sense of ease and naturalness. You get a sense of less friction and mechanical strain in the music, which is exactly what is taking place in the grooves with the proper alignment.

So…thanks again for your excellent product, your easy to understand instructions and most of all your desire to educate and support your customers."



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