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VPI 16.5 machine, now history

Gourmet bought a Loricraft PRC3. The day the machine delivered to his home I paid him a visit.

We began to wash LPs with the Mint LP Solution. First we gave it a turn with the mint LP Solution and then listened with his VDH Colibri. After a round with Violin, Vocal and Piano LPs, we got impressive result.


This is the Loricraft PRC-3 owned by Gourment


Gourmet's new toy, Graham Phantom with a Colibri

Then we tried 2 turns. One with mint LP Solution and then a rinse with distilled water. We found the sound more neutral, like a fresh breeze.

I ordered myself a Loricraft PRC4, a model above PRC3. PRC4 has more vaccum power which I need to clean my many vintage LPs. And you can clean LPs in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

I do not brag yet whenever there is a LP cleaning discussion I become excited. No one knows more than me, I have cleaned over 1,000 LPs with VPI 16.5 machine, over 10,000 sorties. These 1,000 LPs are of different grade of dirt and record label. Many different solutions I have used and then I come to my own formula. I am lazy with everything but I am very hardworking with cleaning LPs, addicted to cleaning a few everyday.

The Loricraft machine surprises me!



To play safe with the advertised vacuum power, I first trial run with worn-out LPs. Some of these LPs have been cleaned more than 10 times over the years, the sound improves somewhat with every new turn. But the improvement made by the Loricraft simply tells me I have wasted my time. Clicks and pops disappeared, little or zero deposit at the stylus tip and the dirty-sounding LP, which the VPI machine can do nothing about, becomes a very listenable Long Play Record!

Simple Maintenance Tips

  The Suction Head is the most important part of the mahcine. It directly contacts the LP surface. A lint-free cloth should be put under this head for best protection.
  Apply some Vaseline to the neck of the glass-bottle water filter so that it can be open easily for water disposal.
  Please make sure you have tighten the screw at the arm-base. I forgot to do it at first. The arm moves in a more steady manner after fixing this screw.
  Use an oil-base felt pen to make a mark on the roll of thread. This allows you to have a clear indication of how much turn distance you have allowed the thread to run per LP.
  The shaft for storing the thread roll is too small in diameter. Place 2 small O-rings at the shaft and it shall fit better.

I find the thread roll becomes more managable after this tweak.

  If you are playing 'Negative Weight' apporach then the arm shall tilt upwards after use. This means it hits the thread roll support-plate time and time again.

Get a Staedtler rubber, cut a 1-mm thick piece and stick a double-side tape to one side of it.

  Use a forcep to place the rubber piece under the thread roll support-plate. This dampens the upward movement of the arm.
  Use a simple hose knot to tighten the air-tube. By doing this you get 25% increase in suction power.


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