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Trying is Believing !

Home Trial is the best approach to evaluate a HiFi product, everybody agrees.

mint LP solution offers a free sample and let you judge if we are the best.

However, we have to ask you to bear some mailing cost which we fix at one US Dollar (USD2.50).

Important Notice

Owing to the huge running cost we can no longer afford the heavy subsidy we made into this programme.

As of 1st March, 2009 we shall raise from USD1.0 to USD2.50 for getting our sample.

4th February, 2009

We accept Paypal.

Email us your Paypal account and any mailing address you prefer. We would then issue a Paypal Invoice for your to settle. Upon receiving fund we shall send you a 60 c.c. sample of mint LP solution by airmail postage.

All information received will be treated as private and confidential.

We ship worldwide for just USD2.50!

Sample is free, 0 obligation, 0 sales call,


Quantity is limited and we reserve our right to change terms or call off this free sample programme without any prior notice.