Batch Run

Many of us buy too many LPs than we need.

In time I have found that thousands of LPs just sit there, awaiting my attention.

I always recommend to clean the LPs on hand as soon as possible even you do not have time to listen to it. There are many benefits. You have a wider choice of LPs when you are free to listen to them. Cleaning removes the bad smell from the storage place.

Perhaps the most important benefit is that a cleaned LP will get settle down, the static charge weakens in time and hence a reduction in background noise. In contrast a dirty LP becomes more dirty, and more noisy, as the volume of mould grows by aging, and the static attracts more dust.

Never brush a dirty LP. I always remove the surface debris of a dirty LP by applying mint solution in a very light hand manner, then give it a turn with the VPI 16.5 machine. Then I store the LP in a new inner sleeve. This debris-removed LP will be cleaned again with the Mint Brush before a listening session.

The problem with VPI 16.5 machine is it runs red hot by the 5th LP. And the noise bore you down.

The Loricraft machine does not have such problem.

By now I have gathered an experience of 2,500 sorties with the Loricraft. If you do things in a correct way you can remove surface debris of 13 LPs in one hour time.

The scope of design is as follows:

1. Just removing surface debris, single turn, zero brushing.

2. As the LPs are very dirty it is highly desirable to have them soaked in mint solution for around 3 minutes. This is the optimum time for soaking, as a longer period the solution will dry up.

3. Efficient use of time.

  First select a pile of 13 LPs.
  Place 3 bottles on the working table.

The bottle should be 3 to 4 inches high. LP placed on its top is very safe as the playable surface is free from any physical contact.


Apply mint solution to the 3 LP surfaces. I always start with the odd number side as a reminder.

Use a solid metal weight to stabilize the LP when applying the mint solution.

Each single turn of the Loricraft machine last 1.5 minutes. This means each LP surface will be soaked for 3 minutes before their turn.

Add a few drops of distilled water if you find the surface has dried up. This avoids over concentration.

  Cover the machine top with a 1 mm thick cloth to absorb the spill over solution. This saves you a lot of hassle.

When the Loricraft is doing its job it needs no attention. Use this time slot to apply mint solution to another LP and attend other details.

But observe this priority: always make the Loricraft running by replacing one LP after another immediately.

Cut a piece of PVA rubber for wiping the machine top when necessary.   This rubber helps a lot, I assure you.
I like to stack the cleaned LPs for 2 to 3 days. This helps to flatten the warp LP surface.   I choose the Reverse setting for this debris removal run.
  The cleaned LP must be stored in a brand new inner sleeve. And box set should be cleaned with a damp cloth.

You may state the date of cleaning on the sleeve for future reference.

Do not look down on small numbers. If you work 2.5 hours per day, 35 LPs get cleaned. End of month you clean a thousand LPs!

After 3 months of hard work, only 5% of my LP stock remains uncleaned.

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