Users of Best Tractor

from Montreal


who uses Scheu Premier / Cantus / AT33 setup

I am very happy indeed with the results obtained. One if them is the ability to hear the quality of a recording very well. Another which is important to me is the cleaniness of the high frequencies.

I am quite delighted with my purchase and I found it easy to understand. I have never been able to do setup with so much confidence that my adjustments were correct.

Once I had it right I put my old Mobile Fidelity GeoDisc on the platter, lined it up and then cued the arm. The stylus tip settled right into the target dimple ! I know this is no test of the quality of the Mint or of the accuracy of my setup.

Using the MoFi alone, the stylus-to-pivot distance could very well have wound up wrong--I know because that's what I did last time. Still, it was a graceful little detail.



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