Users of Best Tractor


Recordman upgraded from Basis 2001 w/ Morch DP6 arm combo that has served him several years.

We recall Recordman was very happy with the Mint Best Tractor when he first tried it and became one of the earliest converts to the Best Tractor.

  Given Recordman's analog experience, his next jump is not an entirely surprising one - a turntable in the Super Table League: Simon Yorke Designs S10 and the 9" S7.1 unipivot tonearm.
  A custom cut Best Tractor S7.1 tonearm was quickly shipped to Recordman and he immediately noticed the improvements from the stock alignment guage.

"Improved details and separations, music notes just become ever more free-flowing with zero inner groove problems."

Being a user of Best Tractor for so long, Recordman has taken all these properties for granted and rightly so.    


Best Tractor




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