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Pro-ject Xtension 9

I recently purchased my first serious turntable, a Pro-ject Xtension 9 which came with a factory fit Ortofon Quintet Black and an alignment protractor one would expect with a $2000 turntable.

After reading about the importance of a proper cartridge alignment and reading a lot of favorable reviews of the MintLP Best Tractor I ordered one from Yip.


The Best Tractor is not difficult to use and comes with clear instructions.

I first checked the factory setting and the overhang fell short by about 1mm. Then alligning the cantilever was a test of patience because of the minute adjustments that had to be made. 

All in all it took me almost 2 hours to complete the task.

Also Yip was very helpful in providing advice on the questions I had along the way.


Unfortunately I can't provide a before and after comparison because the allignment was done on a new turntable and cartridge

but I am really pleased with the result.

Tight punchy bass, smooth detailed treble and a nicely layered soundstage that delivers a performance that is more engageing than my digital  source. Just what I was looking for.


9-Series Best Tractor is available for all models of Project Turntable with tonearms. Get it ship to your place in 3 working days, please click the following for more information:

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