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from New York, USA


He contact me for a Best Tractor to be used on the Acoustic Signature Mambo turntable.

However I do not have its spindle diameter measure. The factory reported a range of 7.07 to 7.11mm.

Jose then got a caliper ruler to measure for himself.

7.11mm, Bingo, as we guess



  The tonearm is the current model of the Dynavector DV-507

Jose's comment:

"I received the package today and everything was in perfect order.  

Of course, I couldn't wait until tomorrow to set up the cartridge using the Best Tractor.


I just played a couple of pieces and it has been a revelatory listening experience.  

The sound now is super clean with sharp, non-distorted sibilants.

My analogue set up never sounded so good.

 Thanks again for everything and for developing such a great product. "

Jose uses the Dynavector XV-1s Cartridge 



Jose's system:

EAR 324 Phono Stage Preamplifier

Promitheus Audio Reference C-core TVC Preamplifier

Spectron Musician III Signature Edition x 2 Amplifier

Magnepan MG 3.6 Speaker 


Best Tractor




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