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British Columbia, Canada


Doug uses a Rego tonearm on a Michell Technodec,

His comment:

"I must drop you a note to tell you how fantastic my vinyl setup plays, after set-up with the Best Tractor. I simply cannot believe the spectacular difference!



  "The soundstage is so deep, the images so defined and the overall musicality so very wonderful.  
  "I was almost ready to try another cartridge, because I thought my Dynavector 10x5 was underperforming. It was....due to a poor set-up with a paper protractor. The 'free' printable 'tractors from the internet are an absolute joke compared to your fine instrument. Now, I think I'll keep the Dyna forever!  


  "By the way, your instructions are excellent. I had my cart set up in less than 2 hours. Perfection!"


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