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Mark, from USA

His comments:


I used a GeoDisc from Mobile Fidelity and an AVID Universal that was a little better because it had a second null point,



but your Best Tractor allowed me to align the stylus more accurately versus just the cartridge body; and the two eye pieces revealed how much I was off.  


I didn't use a magnified glass with either of the other alignment tools and I thought I was on the mark, but was actually far off for perfect sound.

I was just a hair off on my alignment and with the Best Tractor you made for me I now have my system sounding perfect!   


What an amazing tool and more amazing directions to help get it right.  It did take time and patience but boy was it worth it.  

Thank you for creating such an incredible tool to align my cartridge on the Continuum Copperhead arm.




 I will recommend your product to anyone who wants to dial in his cartridge for the best performance and reduce wear on LPs.

Mark's speaker and power amplifier

Wilson Audio MAXX 2's and Electrocompaniet Nemo




Best Tractor




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