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Often when we ask a SME tonearm owner to measure MHST distance, we sometimes never receive any reply.

But some users take up the effort and work out a solution with us. And everyone is awarded with excellent result.

One of them is Carles, from Spain

His comments:

"As I suspected, overhang using SME tool was fairly off (0,4 mm); unless one has a cartridge with mounting hole to stylus distance of about 9.2 mm, the tool provided by SME gives a wrong overhang."

This is the SME factory provided Tractor with which Carles first used for his alignment work.  
But Carles think he should get it better and hence he came to us for a Best Tractor.

The MHST distance we agree on 9.57mm.

His turntable is Acoustic Signature  

"When I got the stylus spot on the line, tracing the arch from begining to end, it was like a huge component upgrade took place in my sytem:


background noise was non-existent and dynamics took a huge leap, both extremes were extended, with lots of air around instruments and a deep and articulated bottom end.


Now everything is into focus, even when an instrument is placed deep into the soundstage. All the subtle nuances once buried in some kind of blurry presentation now appear with ease, there's more music coming from the speakers, and everything in a relaxed way, without distortion or stress on the cartridge even when tracing loud or very dynamic passages.

So, in my humble opinion everyone with an SME arm should own one Best Tractor or they're missing a good deal of what their cartridge is able to deliver.

  Carles employ a he microscope is a DINO-LITE Plus AM-313 for his job:

Best Tractor




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