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Andrew from UK

Audiomods Tonearm on Rega RP6

The Mint protractor was received today (8 days from HK which is very good) and I had an afternoon to install it in peace and quiet.
I found this quite easy because I have used Conrad Hoffman & other printed protractors previously and already knew how to go about setting the overhang etc, having done this many times over the years with my two current Turntables.
The cartridge I am using below is an AT150ANV

My TT already sounded excellent and I had resigned myself to just one or two LP tracks where there was very slight mistracking on one channel in a couple of places (but never inner groove so I put it down to previous damage). I expected a little improvement but nothing dramatic.

What I never expected was the easily audible step-up in imaging, clarity and tracking after using the Mint.
I have just played the worst two albums and there is no mistracking whatsoever. This is amazing !

I was quite cynical that I would hear a difference but like everyone else seems to find, this tool achieves exactly what it sets out to do

I also found that when I first placed the stylus exactly centre of the arc line at the outer extreme of the Mint, when moved to the inner & almost touching the spindle, it was about 1mm back so even though I had adjusted my printer to 4 decimal places and checked with a scale rule, the printed arc was clearly still quite a way off being correct for this arm at 221.5mm pivot-spindle

I give the process I used as below. I had good lighting from several directions + above and I used your 3x magnifier together with a 20x loupe for hitting the protractor line very precisely in the middle. It is also worth thoroughly brushing the stylus/cantilever first to remove all fluff because at x20 it is very clear and precise

I raised the anti-skate counterweight onto a small pot and made sure that as the arm tracked the platter, the nylon chord remained slack so there was zero bias.

I also placed a blob of Blu-Tac (visible beforehand in the picture) onto the rear of the main counterweight to achieve half the standard tracking force (checked with digital scales).

Audiomods arms use a small threaded lower stub counterweight and turning this this was sufficient to re-set tracking force after using the Mint and after removal of the temporary Blu-Tac. This avoids moving the main counterweight again