LP Solution


Mint Stripe

Good cleaning of a LP by a vacuum machine depends on a number of factors:

  1. Good LP solution like mint
  2. Adequate suction force
  3. Clean and tidy velvet stripe on the suction tube
  4. A good brush

Very often the velvet stripe is overlook by the user. Indeed it has a close contact with your LP surface while vacuum clean, so close that you should take good care of it.

VPI suggests to change the entire suction tube when the velvet stripe is wearing away. Not only is this very expensive but also a waste of plastic material and hence not environmental-friendly.

After meticulous testing we have selected a most effective velvet stripe to be our compliment to the mint solution.

We recommend you change the velvet stripe with every bottle of mint solution used.

To guarantee your LP is best served by our mint solution, we provide a pair of

Mint Stripe


to every bottle of mint solution sold.


Mint Stripe user instruction Please click here