Mint Stripe User Instruction


To replace the velvet stripe on the VPI suction tube with our Mint Stripe, follow the steps below

  1. Take out the entire suction tube.

2. Manually tear away the old stripe.

  3. Pour a few drops of white petroleum [lighter fluid] onto the suction tube. Use a rough cloth to brush away the glue remains.  
  4. Now you have a clean suction tube without stripe.  
  5. With the help of a Q-tip apply a very thin layer of Pattex glue to the suction tube area where the stripe is to be fixed onto.

6. Apply a thin layer of Pattex glue onto the back of the mint stripe .

  7. Fix the mint stripe on the suction tube. Use your finger to straigten it until it is tightly fit to the tube.

8. Do the same to the other mint stripe.

9. Let them dry for 15 minutes and rinse the mint stripe with running tap water.

  10. Now the suction tube is ready for use!  

While some stripe providers use double-sided scotch tape to affix the stripe to the suction tube we strongly advise against doing so. The tape may release sticky compound to your LP during the vacuum cycle.

On the other hand Pattex glue is 100% safe. We even test it with boiling water and found it to be completely indissoluble. It works perfectly with our mint solution.

mint stripe comes free-of-charge with mint solution.