LP Solution User Instruction

We recommend all users to replace the old velvet stripe of the suction tube with our free-of-charge Mint Stripe before using our mint LP solution, click for more information.


1. Apply mint solution to the entire LP surface, then vacuum clean. This removes the surface debris.


Always start with the inner groove area......

  Then the outer groove area. Use a pure wool paint brush to apply the solution. Do not brush this moment! Just vaccum away the solution.

2. Re-apply mint solution, brush lightly and vacuum clean. This removes the stains.

Again start with the inner grooves when brushing is done. This is to protect the paper label will not get water stain.

3. Brush lightly with distilled water and vacuum clean. Please use bottled distilled water from supermarket or chemist. Filtered tap water makes your LP very noisy.

The suction tube should be adjusted to as near the paper label as possible but without touching it. This ensures the entire playable area is clean.

4. After Vac-clean both sides clean the outer rim of the LP with a lint-free soft cloth.

See, a mint LP !