LP Solution


Mint Brush

Nylon Brush and Carbon Fibre Brush, when used to wet clean LPs, do not live up to their expectation. The brush never gets to inside the groove and the hard and brittle hair always makes us worry if it will scratch the LP surface.

Velvet surface is safe and reliable. Its soft and very thin-hairy surface works well with the grooves.

However, velvet surface is prone to be easily soiled with dirt after cleaning a number of LPs. It could be heavily soiled with just one cleaning on a really dirty LP.

Some commercial products let you change the velvet but it costs a fortune to do so.

The critical parameter in our brush design is the user can change to a new velvet stripe anytime he wants in an easy manner. And he can do so at a low cost.

Some brushes are just too BIG. You simply find it difficult to use them to clean a very small area where the dirt culminates. And it is so clumsy to control the movement of these large brushes over the LP surface.

Mint Brush fulfills all your dreams.

Its small size lets you have an easy catch and move freely across the peaks and valleys over the LP surface which is never flat. All corners you can go and clean, nothing left out.

Compared with other commercial brush, it has the best maneuvre!

Changing the velvet surface is just easy. Tear it off and then refix another velvet stripe. The process only takes 1 minute.

This means you can have a brand new clean brush for the most valuable LPs, ZERO cross contamination of dirt from one LP to another.

Mint Brush comes with 2 sizes:

Regular Size with 5 replacement stripes is priced at USD8.0 dollar.





Petite Size with 5 replacement stripes is priced at USD5.0 dollar. Petite is excellent for cleaning 45 R.P.M. Extended Play and 10-inch LPs.


Additional stripes are available at USD1.0 per set of 10.

This means you can clean your LP with

a new brush just for 10 cents

And this is what we mean by LOW COST!

User Instruction for Replacing Brush Pad