Replacing Brush Pad


To replace a new Mint Brush Pad, follow the steps below

  Manually tear away the old stripe.  
  Pour a few drops of white petroleum [lighter fluid] onto the brush holder. Wait 10 seconds and then use a rough cloth to brush away the glue remains.  
  Now you have a clean surface for a new brush pad.  
  With the help of a Q-tip apply a very thin layer of Pattex glue to brush surface.  
  Apply a thin layer of Pattex glue onto the back of a new Brush pad.  
  Fix the Brush pad onto the Brush holder. Press Hard.

Wait 2 or 3 minuts to let the glue dry. Then you have a completely new Brush for another cleaning cycle.


The above procedure would only take less five minutes to finish. We recommend to replace a Brush Pad for every consumption of a bottle of mint LP Solution.