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getting SUCK with your VPI 16.5

The VPI machine works on suction principle. And suction force is reduced by air-leakage places throughout the vaccum path.

1. Leakage Amendment

Take away the Vacuum Pickup Tube and the spring. Slowly and carefully remove the three screws at the suction base.


    Remove the suction base from the machine. Clean it and then apply a thick film of silicon sealant at the bottom. Then install it at its original place.

Screw back slowly along the old threads all the screws and the job is done.

We recommend buying just a small size tube silicon sealant.

  Make sure you leave the sealant dry for one full day.  


2. The Drain Pipe / Waste Hose

VPI provides you with a platic hose clamp. It is neither efficient or easy to use.

Replace the hose clamp with a good quality tap. Make sure it is at the off position when vaccum clean is being done.


Follow the above procedures and you should have 15 to 20% improvement in suction force. If this does not work perfect for you then move to another tweak. Click Here ...



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