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  Recordman's System

Morch DP6 Tonearm

Basis 2001 Turnatble

Clearaudio Goldfinger

Recordman has changed over from a Benz Micro LP to a Clearaudio Goldfinger..

  He is always a Clearaudio fan and after a 2nd thought he has decided on a huge investment .

Using the Best Template he mount the cartridge to his Moerch Arm...

  His Comments:

"I have mounted the goldfinger, the sound is ...what can I say, so real... The tonal balance is very good. 

The sound is clean, quiet, but vivid, the vocal has a good expression.  I can hear more things which I didn't aware before. "

  "In terms of dynamic, I think goldfinger is better as whatclearaudio claim (95db).  Anyway, it's a matter of taste.

For me, a rock fans, goldfinger is my choice....

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